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How to Write Compare and Contrast Essay?

Are you stuck wondering how to start a Compare and Contrast essay? Trust our essay helpers to come good for you. 

To begin strong, familiarize yourself with the compare and contrast essay outline.  

Explaining the Outline 

  • Introduction –It will have a hook sentence to grab the reader’s attention and a thesis statement offering a preview of all the main points. Example of Compare and Contrast hook – People state opposites attract, but do they REALLY…?
  • Body –It will have 3-4 stanzas, each with a unique focal point on the topic with your arguments and supporting evidence.
  • Conclusion –The final stanza restates the thesis statement, a summary of all main points explained with complementing data and evidence, the paper’s purpose and importance to readers, and an ending statement leaving readers with a lingering thought.

How to Start Strong?

Once you have accumulated the compare and contrast essay ideas for the writing phase, you begin with a compelling introduction.

  • Start with a sound hook sentence to capture the reader’s attention and interest.
  • Tactfully introduce the topic and briefly address its similarities and differences.
  • Craft a clear and impactful thesis statement mentioning they are to be compared and contradicted. Also, provide acceptable reasons for doing so.
  • Include a transition phrase to move to the body stanza smoothly. 

Contact our helpers if you need more ideas on Compare and contrast write-ups!

10 Dynamic Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. UK’s Culture – 1920 vs 1960.
  2. Covid 19 pandemic vs the Great Depression
  3. Childhood in 1980 vs. modern times.
  4. World War I against World War II
  5. British English vs American English in communication
  6. Online learning vs in-classroom learning
  7. Colloquial vs formal writing style
  8. Home cooking vs ordered food
  9. Homeschooling vs public schooling
  10. Getting married vs staying single 

Check out this Compare and Contrast Essay Example